Bük is situated in West-Hungary, in the flat area along the river Répce, at the foot of the Alps. The inhabitants of Bük mainly had agricultural jobs but the discovery of the spa water having a unique mineral composition brought a significant change in their lives. This water came to the surface at the end of the 50s during some oil drillings.

Guests are welcome with 11 indoor, 4 half-indoor and 11 outdoor pools in the parked area of 14 hectares. During the whole year the indoor bath welcomes people longing for a good bath, where bathing facilities are ensured by the modern and renewed pool space filled with medicinal water. In the half-indoor pool filled up with medicinal water, connected to the indoor bath, bathing is always a pleasant experience. The pools filled with drinking water are connected by a swimming corridor. They are ready to accept those who would like to do sports even in winter. The indoor experience bath also open during the whole year around ensures cheerful recreation for all members of the family.